Best Places to Visit in the North of England – Staithes

I have a dream…it’s beautifully simple, yet wonderfully complex…

I want to inspire journeys through stunning images and make travel feel achievable for everyone.

Your Journey to Staithes, North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

The Experience

Nestled in the coastal hills of the North York Moors National Park is a tiny hamlet called Staithes. Entering the hamlet via a clifftop walk, the views of the English coastline are stunning. As you turn down the path that winds into the village, the quaint houses hugging onto the cliff face stand before you filling all available space down to the river below where decorative fishing boats bob about. The cobbled paths twist and turn and every new corner leads to a new discovery; brightly painted houses, innovative gardens full of pastel pots of all shapes and sizes, rustic village shops, locals relaxing on bright benches greeting one another….this place really is something out of a fairy tale.

Once you’ve wound your way to the harbour front, you are surrounded by sheer cliffs and the village behind you – completely shut off from the world. Local shops and a large pub and restaurant called the Cod & Lobster offering seating to enjoy the harbour view. Fishermen and their families work peacefully on their pastel painted boats and surfers cross the harbour, heading for sloping rocks to the side of it to enjoy the waves beyond.

My Journey Rating: 10/10 – Must see.

Scroll down for more information on making this journey.

Location: TS135DA – Staithes.

Time needed for journey: ½ a day minimum, but this would be a fantastic base for exploring this area from. You’ve got Saltburn, Whitby and all of the North Yorkshire Moors on your doorstep – can’t think of many nicer places to return to on an evening.

Family Friendly: Definitely. Rock pools and a beach! Lots of family cottages for rent and water activities for active adults. The streets are smooth enough for pushchairs too. There’s Cobbles Gift  & Ice-Cream / Coffee Shop, a traditional butchers, bakers, village shop and pubs.

Places to Stay: I wasn’t lucky enough to stay in Staithes as I don’t have an accommodation partner or assignment in this area 😦 so back on the road for me….However, I’d recommend the following as I walked past them, they looked wonderful and have good reviews – Cowbar Cottages or possibly Staithes Cottages (which I didn’t see so check reviews). 

The Cod & Lobster also offers accommodation at really reasonable rates.

Places to Eat: The Cod and Lobster on the harbour or the pub in the ‘main’ street had lovely food (according to people I chatted to) and great views!

Parking: No unauthorised vehicles allowed into Cowbar Cottages (the side of the hamlet that I entered from) so I parked outside of Staithes in a large lay by to the North – it was empty, free and meant that I enjoyed a lovely stroll along the cliffs and into Staithes. If you’re staying in Cowbar Cottages, you can get a permit.


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