Why you don’t travel

I have a dream…it’s beautifully simple, yet wonderfully complex…

I want to inspire travel through stunning images and to make travel feel achievable for everyone.

Why don’t you travel more?

Do you ever ask yourself this? Why don’t you take off to those amazing destinations that you see on TV, Instagram and in magazines? Why don’t you take a weekend and explore that mountain range you know is a few hours north? Or that waterfall that’s just a day’s drive away? Don’t worry. It’s not just you who wants to travel more, but struggles to. It’s not just you who wishes they’d started travelling sooner, farther and for longer.

I too have always known that I wanted to travel to those wonderful Insta-destinations, but I didn’t, we didn’t. WHY?

The answer is simple: BARRIERS.

Under the Pier
Under the Pier

There are so many barriers that we all feel when it comes to travelling. Obviously, these barriers will differ from person to person based on individual circumstances, but I think that there are some common barriers that cause most of us to back away from travel. When we see that Instagram photo, there’s something in us – a little voice saying we can’t get there, we can’t achieve that view, that experience, that journey.

Top Five Reasons why you don’t travel…

  1. Money
  2. Companions (mainly the lack of!)
  3. Lack of knowledge (where to go, how to get there, language etc.)
  4. Practical commitments (work, family)
  5. Fear

My dream is to destroy all of these barriers for myself and for you. 

This series will explore the top five reasons you don’t travel and give practical advice on overcoming each and every barrier that you face, from discussing amazing ‘travel free’ possibilities to exploring the new age of social apps that mean we can all find a travel buddy.

Please drop your comments and let me know your thoughts on barriers to travel and any tips you have for others on how to overcome them.


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